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Teaching Experience

A. Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses

· Soil Tillage (BS)

· Principles of Farm Machinery (BS)

· Hydraulic Systems in Farm Machinery (BS)

· Tractor-Implement Technology (BS)

· Tractor-Implement Mechanics (BS)

· Mechanical Properties of Agricultural Materials (BS)

· Physical Properties of Agricultural Materials (MS)

· Testing and Evaluation of Farm Machinery (MS)

· Agricultural Machinery Design (MS)

· Soil Dynamics (Ph.D.)

· Tillage Systems (Ph.D.)


B. Short Courses

· Soil Tillage Mechanics

· Deep Tillage Mechanics

· Soil-Machine Relation

· New Development in Cereal Planting Machinery

· Tillage Systems and Methods of Planning and Conducting Tillage Experiments

· Tillage for Wheat Production in Isfahan

· John Deere Tractors Model 4560

· Fundamental of Tillage operations

· Soil sampling and on-the-go sensors for measuring physical and mechanical properties in precision farming

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