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Supervised Students

A) Ph.D. Supervision:

2010-2012 Ghafori, H.

Design, development and evaluation of suction pneumatic conveyor in dense phase

Role: Joint supervisor    


2000-2003.   Shirani, H.

Tillage and farmyard manure effects on Lavark soil physical properties, solute transport, and root morphology of corn.

Role: Advisor                                                                                              


2000-2003.  Mossadeghi, M.R.

Study of Compaction History (Pre-Compaction Stress) and its Relationship with some Physico-Mechanical Properties of several Soils in Isfahan, Iran.

Role: Joint supervisor       


1993-1996.   Kazemeinkhah, K.

Design, Construction and Evaluation of a Semi-automatic Sugar Beet Steckling Transplanter.

Role: Joint supervisor


B) MSc. Supervision:

Mohammedi, S.

Effect of wing tine and roller packer for chisel plow on draft force and soil loosening

Role: Advisor


2011- Movahedi, A.

ارتقاء امنیت وب با وف بومی